About Us

About Us

At Kewal Energy Solutions (KES), our focus is on collaborating with global partners in developing innovative and cost effective products, systems and solutions that are energy efficient that make our life, and business comfortable. Our global design center, based in Chennai, helps us bring together the best technology and engineering minds, competency, knowledge, efficiency and commitment to delivering products of the highest standards with a long term value.

If there is one thing which is definite about marketing in today's growing markets, it is the rapid pace of change. The medium & long-term don't exist - the short-term is all that matters. Only companies which are able to make meaningful, impactful resourceful marketing inventions and solutions can provide great turnarounds and can hope to flourish and grow.

KES ECOM Application stretches across the entire Marketing & Sales function, across the Customer Life Cycle and across all product deliveries.

Some of the key tasks that it needs to perform, in some cases almost simultaneously:

·      Prioritizing certain products/customers that are core to the companies requirement

·      Cross-sell / up-sell various capital products, with a clear usage and support of risk involved in each

·      Reduce time to respond to customers modification in requirements, in view of their rising expectations

·      Optimise decision-making – TIME -  to maximize the  profitability – ensure that every initiative is monetized

·      Innovate on products and Offers  for unbanked projects to grow segment profitably