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The Modulon NH Plus series is Delta’s new generation UPS featuring high efficiency, hot-swappable modular structure and N+X redundancy. With its industry leading 94% high efficiency, the NH Plus series delivers remarkably low total cost of ownership in terms of both capital expense and operating expense. 

With N+X module and system redundancy to guarantee reliability and availability, the Modulon NH Plus series sets a new milestone for UPS protection in mission critical applications.


Available from 20 to 480 kVA (4 units x 120 kVA in parallel).
Redundancy at module and system level.
Hot-swappable function ensures uninterrupted operations during maintenance.
Redundant auxiliary power and control circuit ensures higher reliability.
Inbuilt maintenance and static bypass switch.
Modular design provides easy maintenance and scalability.
Multi-language LCD display and LED status indicators.
Two smart slots and six programmable dry contact outputs.
Optional external battery cabinet for longer backup time. 
Low harmonic distortion (iTHD<3%) optimized generator size to save initial investment.
High input and output power factor (I/P pf >0.99; O/P pf up to 0.9) and 94% high efficiency reduce operating costs.



NHP-20K / NHP-40K / NHP-60K
NHP-80K / NHP-100K / NHP-120K
Power Rating
[20K]: 20kVA
[40K]: 40kVA
[60K]: 60kVA
[80K]: 80kVA
[100K]: 100kVA
[120K]: 120kVA
kW *
[20K]: 18kW
[40K]: 36kW
[60K]: 54kW
[80K]: 72kW
[100K]: 90kW
[120K]: 108kW
Nominal Voltage
380/220, 400/230, 415/240 Vac (3 phase, 4-wire + G)
Voltage Range
208 ~ 477 Vac (line-line)/120 ~ 276 Vac (line-neutral) **
Current Harmonic Distortion
< 3% *** (full load)
Power Factor
> 0.99
50 or 60 ± 5 Hz
380/220, 400/230, 415/240 Vac (3 phase, 4-wire + G)
Voltage Harmonic Distortion
≤ 3% (linear load)
Voltage Regulation
± 1% (static)
50 or 60 Hz
Frequency Regulation
± 0.05 Hz (interior oscillator)
± 5 Hz (synchronized, adjustable in steps of 0.1 Hz)
Overload Capability
≤ 125%: 10 minutes
≤ 150%: 1 minute
RS232 x 1, SNMP slot x 2, Dry contact output x 6, Dry contact input x 2,
Battery cabinet temperature x 4, Battery cabinet status detection x 1, Parallel port x 1, REPO x 1
Management Peripherals
SNMP card, Modbus card, Relay I/O control card, EnviroProbe,
SNMP + 5 ports hub, Battery cabinet temperature sensor, Battery cabinet status cable
Safety & EMC
CE, EN62040-1, EN62040-2 Class A
Other Features
Parallel Redundancy and Expansion
Module and system redundancy
Maximum 4 units in parallel up to 480 kVA
Emergency Power Off
Local and remote
SRAM Event Log
500 records
ECO Mode
Operating Temperature
0 ~ 40ºC
Relative Humidity
0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Audible Noise (at one meter)
[20K]: < 64 dBA
[40K]: < 64 dBA
[60K]: < 64 dBA
[80K]: < 64 dBA
[100K]: < 67 dBA
[120K]: < 67 dBA
UPS Dimensions (WxDxH)
[20K~80K]: 520 x 910 x 1165 mm
[100K~120K]: 520 x 975 x 1695 mm
Battery Cabinet Dimensions (WxDxH)
[20K~80K]: 520 x 910 x 1165 mm
(26 Ah x 40 pcs)
[100K~120K]: 520 x 975 x 1695 mm
(40 Ah x 40 pcs)
[20K]: 169 kg
[40K]: 199 kg
[60K]: 229 kg
[80K]: 259 kg
[100K]: 349 kg
[120K]: 379 kg


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